Why Our Delivery Service?

"The last delivery service you'll ever use!"

No BS just fire!
No matter what budget trust the Red Baron Team to have your back!
From our loyalty program to our referral program we are here to take care of our customers!
Don't know what to pick feel free to ask any of our Team Members:



Oliver "The Baron": The Passionate leader of the Team! He strives for excellence and has a passion for the plant!
Considered a cannabis historian and connoisseur, he strives to find the best strains for you always! He is a excellent roller and has a affinity for Hybrids/Indicas and everything cookie and cake related! Feel free to ask him for advice and he will surely steer you in the right direction! 

"Some say he out starred an owl in a blinking contest! we just call him Baron"

"Klutch":Jack master Supreme and sativa aficionado! Head of dispatch Klutch is there for your every need, and to make sure you experience is fantastic. Klutch has a rigorously tested every product (with pleasure) to make sure he has an answer to every one of your questions! His expertise are Sativas of all kind, and fruity hybrids! He is the JACK of all strains when it comes to knowledge!

"Some people say his beard makes Lions jealous! we just call him Klutch!"

Johnny "Jimmy J Johnny": Edibles aficionado and time bender! Keeper of numbers! He works on a lot of the behind the scene mechanics with the company that keeps it running smoothly on the front, essentially weaving a special kind of magic! When it comes to deliveries Johnny seems to be able to teleport around LA at mythic speeds! He even turned down jimmy johns because they were too slow! 

"Some say he has the order ready before you click checkout! We just call him johnny!"

Nate "Media Guru":  Nate handles everything that is media related and controls the Facebook/Instagram and TOKERSCHOICE. Also working on many projects to be released soon this man is a true genie of the visual media that is RedBaron! feel free to message him directly on @redbaron_hq

"Some say he was trained by homer himself in ancient Greece, went into hibernation until now! we call him Nate!"